Answers to Common Questions

1)   How do I get started?

Complete our online form and express your interest.

Attend a single individual counseling session for an evaluation of your needs.  This allows us to determine which group would be best for you.

When the appropriate group has an opening, you may be invited to join.

2)   What are the ages of the group members? 

We have groups for teens and adults.  Members will be invited into the age appropriate group that most closely matches their therapeutic goals.

3)   Who runs the group?

A Masters Degree mental health counselor with extensive group experience runs the groups.

4)   When do groups meet?

Typically groups will meet for 90 minutes on a weeknight or weekend.  You will be notified of the group schedule once you are invited to a particular group.

5)   What is the cost?

Teen group members will be charged $35.00 each per session for 12 weeks when paid in full upon joining or $45.00 per session paid each session.  Adults will be charged $75.00 each per session for 12 weeks when paid in full upon joining or $85.00 per session paid each session.



6)   If I take advantage of the discounted rate by paying up front, do I get a refund if I miss a session?

In order for groups to be successful, we require each member to commit to attending every session.  We are unable to provide a refund if you miss a session.

7)   Do you accept insurance?

We accept payment by cash or credit card only.  We do not accept insurance although we will be happy to provide you with the paperwork necessary to submit for reimbursement for out-of-network services from your insurance company.

8)   What level of commitment is required?

Groups meet weekly for 90-minute sessions.  In order to maintain consistency and confidentiality, members are asked to make a minimum 12-week commitment.

9)   Where does the group meet?

Groups meet at Falls Church Wellness Center located at 520 N Washington Street, #100, Falls Church, VA 22046

10)   Is there parking?

We have plenty of free parking.

11)   Do you offer individual therapy sessions outside of the group? 

Yes.  We offer 50-minute individual therapy sessions.